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Epic Hollywood Pure Kush (91 Hollywood X Epic Malibu Pure Kush) Strain Review

Name: Epic Hollywood Pure Kush

Dispensary: Medical Marijuana Relief Clinic (Sherman Oaks)

Grade: A/A-

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: 91 Hollywood crossed with Epic Malibu Pure Kush.

Price: $20/gram, $55/8th, $110/ quarter

Looks: Dense, tightly trimmed nugs. Light and dark green buds with a few pale brown hairs and heavy trichome coverage. Dank, fresh, soft and sticky.

Smell: Pine, fuel and citrus. Strong pine fuel-stank with a touch of sweet and sour.

Taste: A sweet and sour, pine-fuel flavor. Rich and smooth vapor with heavy lung expansion.

Buzz: Heavy euphoric buzz. Clear headed, moderately sedating and relaxing. The buzz came on strong with a light tingling sensation noticeable around my face and chest. Stronger and more sedating than the 91 Hollywood, similar to the buzz of Epic Malibu PK. I noticed some of the headiness of the 91 Hollywood, but the heaviness of the Epic was more pronounced. Best for the evening.

Summary: A heavy hitter with an excellent flavor. A combination of two elite strains with a buzz leaning more toward the Epic Malibu PK side.