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King Bubba Kush Strain Review

Name: King Bubba Kush

Dispensary: Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary (Sherman Oaks)

Grade: B/B+

Type: Mostly Indica 

Lineage: King Kush crossed with Bubba Kush

Price: $20/gram, $50/8th, $100/ quarter, $160 half ounce

Looks: Dense, compact, tightly trimmed nugs. Mostly light green buds with many pale brown hairs and moderate trichome coverage. Brittle to the touch, but stickier in my grinder.

Smell: Musty, woodsy, minty, spicy and sweet. The smell was fainter than I had hoped.

Taste: A sweet, musty flavor that resembled the smell. Hearty vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Relaxed, numbing buzz. Clear headed, but a little spacey. Moderately sedating and mildly euphoric. Numbing sensations were noticeable around my face and head. Best for the evening.

Summary: A solid Kush cross with a pleasant buzz and an average flavor. The nugs could have been fresher which probably accounted for the diminished flavor and smell.

King Bubba Kush. See my full review here.