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V.I.P. Bubba Kush Strain Review



Name: V.I.P. Bubba Kush

Dispensary: LA Alternative Care (West Hollywood)

Grade: B+

Type: Mostly Indica (about 75% Indica, 25% Sativa)

Lineage: Unknown. A variation of Bubba Kush.

Lab Test Results: THC: 25.8%  CBD: 0.8%  CBN: 0.1%

Price: $20/gram, $60/8th

Looks: Dense, chunky nugs. Dark and light green buds with a few pale brown hairs and very heavy trichome coverage. Dank and sticky.

Smell: Musty, woodsy, peppery and minty with a sweet spiciness.

Taste: A musty, woodsy, slightly sweet flavor similar to the smell. Hearty, smooth vapor with heavy lung expansion.

Buzz: Peaceful, relaxing stone. Calming, introspective and moderately sedating. Couch lock-y with an active, pensive mental state. Best for the evening.

Summary: A pretty good batch of Bubba Kush. The buzz was too heavy to be functional, but too mentally active to put me to sleep.

Alien Bubba Kush.