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AKA Asks: “Hey dog long time fan here. I was wondering if u could tell me all the girls in the Mr.Skin banner u have”


I’ve been asked this quite a few times, so here you go. Remember, you can sign up for Mr. Skin and see everything. TDB readers get the lowest price on the web. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR DISCOUNTED ALL ACCESS PASS. From left to right. They are…

Amber Heard

Louisse Cliffe

Emilia Clarke

Margarita Levieva

Alice Eve

Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2013

Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes Of 2013 featuring Lea Seydoux, Adele ExarchopolousEmily RatajkowskiRosario DawsonAmanda Seyfried and more. See the full list including videos and screen shots at Mr. Skin here. Don’t forget that TDB readers get the lowest price on the web for Mr. Skin Membership.  CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR DISCOUNTED FULL ACCESS PASS NOW.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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Hey Dog! Who are the 5 women across the top on the Mr. Skin banner? I think the first is Lilo and the 4th I know is Ann Hathaway but the rest I can’t tell. I especially want to know who #2 is. Thanks!

I assume you’re referring to the banner below.image

From left to right:

1.) Lindsay Lohan


2.) Mary Louise Parkerimageimage

3.) Olivia Wildeimageimage

4.) Anne Hathawayimageimage

5.) Elena Anaya

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