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Hey Dog! Who are the 5 women across the top on the Mr. Skin banner? I think the first is Lilo and the 4th I know is Ann Hathaway but the rest I can’t tell. I especially want to know who #2 is. Thanks!

I assume you’re referring to the banner below.image

From left to right:

1.) Lindsay Lohan


2.) Mary Louise Parkerimageimage

3.) Olivia Wildeimageimage

4.) Anne Hathawayimageimage

5.) Elena Anaya

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Mr. Skin’s 2013 Golden Globes Nominees Nude Playlist. Mr. Skin was kind enough to offer TDB readers a free preview of its 2013 Golden Globe Nominees Playlist reel featuring Anne Hathaway nude in HD. In addition, Mr. Skin agreed to extend its best price EVER for membership in an exclusive offer for That Dog’s Blog.

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Do you have the uncensored Anne Hathaway crotch shot from the Les Miserables premiere?

Here’s Anne Hathaway‘s upskirt wardbrobe malfunction from earlier this week.imageimageimage

Anne Hathaway Nude in Havoc

Anne Hathaway nude (Topless! Masterbating! HD!) in a compilation of sex scenes from Havoc. See every nude scene Anne Hathaway has done here.imageimageimageimageimageimage