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Bubba Skywalker Strain Review

Name: Bubba Skywalker

Dispensary: CCSC Premium Collective (West Hollywood)

Grade: B-

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: Skywalker OG Kush crossed with Bubba Kush

Price: $20/gram, $50/8th

Looks: Chunky, leafy, light and delicate buds. Army green and purple nugs with heavy, white hued trichome coverage. Brittle, dry buds that didn’t seem particularly fresh.

Smell: Musty, dusty, minty, sweet and spicy. The scent from the Bubba Kush dominated.

Taste: A musty, dusty flavor. Slightly harsh vapor with heavy lung expansion.

Buzz: Heavy, spacey stone. Sedating and mind numbing. The body buzz was strong and locked me to the couch. Best for the evening.

Summary: An amazing strain in theory, but disappointing in practice. It leaned much more toward an average batch of Bubba than its genetics would indicate. The buds didn’t seem fresh. The taste was a little off and the buzz lacked personality.

King Kush Strain Review


king kush delta 9 collectiveimageking kush delta 9

Name: King Kush

Dispensary: Delta 9 Collective (Van Nuys)

Grade: A

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: A cross of unknown cuts of Bubba Kush and OG Kush.

Price: $20/gram, $50/8th

Looks: Chunky, furry, funky looking nugs, Light and dark green buds with burnt orange hairs and very heavy trichome coverage. Dank and sticky.

Smell: Musty, minty, sweet and spicy. Pungent Kush aroma.

Taste: A musty, minty flavor similar to the smell. Smooth, thinck vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Peaceful, numbing stone. Heavy, euphoric and sedating. The body buzz was strong, but comfortable with numbing sensations noticeable from head to toe. Couch lock-y with an active mental state. Best for the evening.

Summary: My second time trying this strain and I enjoyed it every bit as much as I remembered. A great example of a proper Kush, I found myself craving the smell and taste.

King Kush from Delta 9 Collective

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Yeezus Bubba Kush from Black Rose Collective

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King Kong Bubba Kush Strain Review


Name: Private Reserve King Kong Bubba Kush

Dispensary: Black Rose (West Hollywood)

Grade: A-

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: Unknown. A variation of Bubba Kush.

Price: $20/gram, $55/8th

Looks: Chunky, spiky nugs. Mostly light green buds with a few auburn hairs and very heavy trichome coverage. Brittle to the touch, but stickier when broken up.

Smell: Musty, minty, sweet and spicy. Recognizable Bubba Kush scent.

Taste: A musty, minty flavor. Rich and smooth vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Heavy, relaxing buzz. Spacey, mind numbing  and introspective. Couch locky and moderately sedating with a strong body buzz. Numbing sensations were noticeable at the top of my head and face. Best for the late evening.

Summary: A great looking and tasting batch of Bubba Kush with a heavy, spacey buzz. I prefer variations of Bubba that are more clear headed.